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catan universe 6 team
Catan Universe, Catan Universe, Catan Universe |, Catan Universe on Steam -, General information about Catan Universe and its creators , News | Catan Universe Community, Steam Community :: Catan Universe, Catan Universe is cheating Valve : Steam - reddit, Catan – Rickshaw Run Edition |

Play your favorite game Catan anytime and anywhere: the original board game, the card game and the expansions in one app! Now including ‘Catan – Rise of the Inkas‘!After a long voyage of great deprivation, your ships have finally reached the coast of an uncharted island. However, other explorers have also landed on Catan: The race to settle the island has begun!Build roads and cities, trade skillfully and become Lord or Lady of Catan!Go on a journey to the Catan universe, and compete in exciting duels against players from all over the world. The board game classic and the Catan card game bring a real tabletop feeling to your screen! Play with your Catan Universe account on the device of your choice: You can use your login on numerous desktop and mobile platforms! Become part of the huge worldwide Catan community, and compete against players from all over the world, and on all supported platforms.The board game:Play the basic board game in multiplayer mode for up to three players free of charge. Master the free “Arrival on Catan” to permanently unlock the single player and custom match modes for the “Arrival on Catan” scenario, to play against the AI or your friends anytime. For even more variety, unlock the complete basic game and the expansions “Cities & Knights” and “Seafarers” as in-game purchases, defend yourself against barbarian invasions, journey to new shores, and compete against cunning computer opponents.For even more variety, unlock the complete basic game, the expansions “Cities & Knights” and “Seafarers” and the stand-alone variant ‘Rise of the Inkas’ as in-game purchases. Defend yourself against barbarian invasions, journey to new shores, and compete against cunning computer opponents.The game edition ‘Rise of the Inkas‘ is another exciting challenge for you, as your settlements are doomed in their heyday. The jungle swallows the signs of human civilization, and your opponents seize their chance to build their settlement at the location they crave forThe card game:Play the introductory game of the popular 2 player card game “Catan – The Duel” online free of charge or master the free “Arrival on Catan”, to permanently unlock the single player mode against the AI.Get the complete card game as an in-game purchase to play three different theme sets against friends, other fans friends or different AI opponents and submerge yourself into the bustling life on Catan.Basic game free matches against two other human playersIntroductory game free matches Catan – The Duel against a human player“Arrival on Catan” – permanently unlock board game custom-match mode against friends as well as single-player against the AI for board game and card game Registration bonus of 100 gold and 2 scrolls – unlock expansions and complete access to auto match, single player and custom matches with scrolls for a limited time More Scrolls can be unlocked by levelling up Trade – build – settle – Become Lord of Catan!Play on all your devices with one account.Faithful to the original version of the board game “Catan”, as well as the card game “Catan – The Duel” (aka “Rivals for Catan”)Create your own AvatarChat with other players and form guilds Play to earn numerous achievements and unlock rewards.Get additional expansions and game modes as in-app purchasesGet started really easily with the comprehensive tutorialFeatures in development: Compete in tournaments as guilds or for your own glory.Prove your skills in numerous additional add-ons.Catan Universe uses an in-game currency called Catan Gold for purchases available in the following configurations:100 Catan Gold = 0,99$/€400 Catan Gold = 3,99$/€900 Catan Gold = 7,99$/€1700 Catan Gold = 14,99$/€3000 Catan Gold = 24,99$/€The Catan base game, the Seafarers and Cities and Knights expansion are available for 500 Catan Gold each. Various bundles are available for a great value, e.g. the base game and both expansions for 1300 Catan Gold. Items like additional scrolls and XP booster are also available in various quantities starting at 40 Gold. Furthermore numerous customization options for both the game and the player avatar can be purchased for Catan Gold. . All Devices. Play anytime, anywhere - against all Catan players worldwide. On a PC or a Mac (via browser or client), on mobil devices (iOS and Android), at home or on the road - the Catan universe is growing together.. 64Bit operating system (Windows 7 or newer, Max OS X 10.6 or newer) Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, dedicated graphics card; For optimal graphics and performance or if you’re using a 32Bit OS, we recommend downloading Catan Universe via Steam. Visit our forum to see detailed information on the latest update. Have fun playing Catan Universe!.
Changeover from Catan Classic to Catan Universe. The existing Catan apps (Catan and Catan HD) for iOS and Android were renamed Catan Classic, to clearly distinguish them from the new Catan Universe. For the time being, support for the classic apps will continue after the launch of Catan Universe. However, there will be no more content updates.. Trade – build – settle: Become Lord of Catan! Get to know Catan and play the starter scenario in multiplayer mode. Purchase the complete base game, expansions, card game and much more to discover the entire Universe of Catan.. In Catan Universe, you’ll be able to trade, build, and settle - anywhere and anytime! Munich-based publishing company USM and the game development team at exozet in Berlin have been working on digital Catan games since 2006. We’re currently developing our latest Catan game, Catan Universe.. It seem like our partners over at Steam can´t get enough of Catan Universe as they are testing quite extensively. Unfortunately this means we won´t be able to release the game this week. We will do our best to speed up the process and get you back on Catan next week. Thanks you very much for your patience so far!. © Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website . Catan Universe is made by Exozet and they are cheating both the players and Valve. The game was put up on Steam on April 25th(Tuesday) as "Free to Play"..
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